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When is The Right Time To Buy a Home?

When is The Right Time To Buy a Home?
  In general, the best time to shop for a new home is when other home buyers are not out in force. This would mean, of course, that you should ideally purchase a home outside of the traditionally busy spring (April & May) and summer/fall seasons (August & September).

The economy can also dictate when the best time is to purchase a home. When the economy is bad, many home sellers may become desperate to accept offers for their homes which they would not normally accept in a busier market.

In a good economy, many more people are searching for new homes and there could be several offers on a property you are interested in. You may become involved in the unenviable positon of trying to win a bidding war for a home you really like.

Assuming that you are fortunate enough to be looking for a home in a Buyer's Market (more homes are available than serious buyers), you will be able to put many more favorable conditions on the purchase of your new home such as contingency provisions for the sale of your home and home inspection provisions as well.

As your Realtor, I will help you determine when the optimal time to find your dream home really is!

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