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Making Your Offer

Making Your Offer
  Making an offer on a home can be a complicated process. You must consider many factors such as the current housing market conditions, property condition, and whether you want to include any contingency provisions (such as selling your existing home or conducting a home inspection).

Another key factor in determining the amount and conditions of your offer is whether the seller may be exceptionally motivated to accept a lower offer. Perhaps the seller's home has been on the market for quite some time. The most common "motivated seller" is someone who has already bought his or her next home or is relocating to a new area. It is important to understand the seller's current situation before making your final offer. Identifying motivated sellers can potentially save you many thousands of dollars.

Finally, be certain to take into account how you would feel about whatever offer you decide to make. Put yourself in the seller's shoes and try to imagine how you would react to your offer and whether you feel it is fair and reasonable.

I will work with you to make a prosfessional offer which gives you the best chance to purchase your new home with the best possible terms and price for you.

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